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El Duce was the alcaholic frontman (vocalist/drummer) of the porno metal band the Mentors. His real name is Eldon Hoke and took pride in his beer gut and bathroom sense of humor. It is rumored that he was offered $50,000 by Courtney Love to kill Kurt Cobain. El Duce was known to piss off the late Walley George and appeared on the Jerry Springer show a few months before he was run over by a train in the Las Angeles area back in April 21st 1997.
I personally met El Duce on three occasions.
by Paul Della Valle July 26, 2004
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A motorcycle gang. They reside mainly in Washington and Oregon.
Back in the late 70s/early 80s, the Gypsy Jokers took up temporary residence in Licoln City Oregon.
by Paul Della Valle July 06, 2004
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A 1950s father is a dad who is not involved with thier child or children, even though they all live under the same roof. A 1950s father does not play, spend time or is emotionally involved with thier child. A 1950s father is typically stoic and distant to ones child, and are typically work-a-holics. The phrase comes from a generation of males (pre 1960s) that were raised to hid thier emotions, because it would seem unmanlike. 1950s father reley on thier wife to do all the parenting.
My friend's dad is not really involved in his life. He is what you call a 1950s father.
by Paul Della Valle July 16, 2004
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Sometimes the TLC or the History Channel will have World War 2 marathon weekend or have sizable block of time during the day devoted to WW2. When that happens, there is usually a ton of stuff on Hitler or Hitler related topics. The History Channel then turns into the Hitler Channel.
I was watching the History channel and they had a ton of crap on World War 2 and Adolf Hitler. There times I feel like they should call TLC the Hitler Channel.
by Paul Della Valle November 02, 2004
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A person who's bad behavior attracts the police easily. A cop magnet is usually a person that does not think of the consequences ahead of them.

A cop magnet also has the tendency to attract a cop over a little thing like a broken tail light on a back of a car. Then when the cop pulls the person over, the cop will discover that the person is drunk or has dope in the car.

A cop magnet can also be a public drunk or just a plain asshole that acts retarded in public.

A cop magnet usually does not care if they get thier friends in trouble or will drag them down with him or her.

When a friend says to a cop magnet "dude your gonna get us busted". The cop magnet will reply "oh shut up, your just paranoid".
"I don't wanna be around that person, he always gets us in trouble. Does not think one or two steps ahead. He is basically a cop magnet".
by Paul Della Valle July 23, 2004
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A term use to describe someone that is drunk a lot. It can also be used to call someone to thier face who is drunk at the time.
Hey drunky. Your lookin pretty hammerd.
by Paul Della Valle July 19, 2004
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A porno metal band that sounds like Black Sabbath meets Hustler magazine that formed in the late 70s. Originally fronted by a bald bearded beer gut voclist/drummer guy known as El Duce. Who later got ran over by a train and killed back in April 1997. Also in the band was Dr Heathen Scum on bass and Sickie Wifebeater on guitar. The Mentors biggest claim to fame was back in 1985 when somebody during the Tipper Gore's PMRC congressional hearings read the lycics to "Golden Showers", from the album "You Axed For It".
Dr Heathen Scum still continues the Mentors band with a whole new crew.
by Paul Della Valle July 01, 2004
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