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A French name meaning "rebirth".

Renee is of the most amazing people you will ever meet. She's random and weird, and most likely somewhat insecure, in addition to being outspoken, fiercely loyal to her friends, very sexual, very beautiful inside and out, open minded, mean at times, dedicated to music, and impulsive. She can be a hypocrite, but often owns up to it rather than denying it. She may not always use her head and tends to make excuses for the people she cares about.
Jeff: Who's the hot girl over there who's rambling about garlic bread's role in government conspiracies?

Tom: Oh, that's Renée. She's pretty weird, but she's really cool.
by p-p-p-poker face? July 02, 2009

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A Greek name meaning "warrior".

There are several varieties of Andrew.

The most common type of Andrew is a guy, usually somewhat attractive, who gets all the girls, and is loyal, somewhat mean-spirited, athletic, flirty, talented, funny, popular, sexual, kinky, and fun to be around. He's very intelligent, but not in a nerdy way. He's a dedicated boyfriend and will never cheat on you or use you. If you meet an Andrew like this, consider yourself to be very fortunate.

On the other hand, there is another type of Andrew who is quite the opposite. He's unintelligent, unfaithful, annoying, guillible, and a bit of a poser. Never date this kind; he will use you for sex, then cheat on you with one of your "friends".
Stacy: Who is that?
Yvonne: That's Andrew. He's really funny, and really hot and awesome.
Stacy: Oh... Definitely not like my ex boyfriend Andrew. He was a fugly dumbass.
by p-p-p-poker face? July 02, 2009

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