46 definitions by omega death

Crackhead rapper who talks a gang of shit just for attention. Tried to sell a 2Pac EP with his wack ass verses in it for $500 to support his crack habit.
I don't care about what Daz has to say.
by Omega Death November 18, 2003
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some "prophet" rapper who has beef with Cormega
by Omega Death March 27, 2003
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A town in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. Currently planned to be served by a proposed extension of the R3 rail line.
I bet it will take 20 or so years for SEPTA to extend the R3 a mere three miles from Elwyn to Wawa.
by Omega Death December 30, 2004
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A naturally-occuring change in the environment in which the global tempatures rise. Falsely presented as an exclusively man-made phenomenon in an attempt to demonize America, and its lifestyle. Said representation is a pathetic, politically-motivated hoax pushed by tree-hugging, tofu-eating, anti-civilization hippies who base scientific theories on emotion, and not fact.
What about the Medieval Warm Period (1000-1300 AD), which preceded the Little Ice Age (1300-1500 AD)? I wonder if Hummers existed around that time...

Oh yes, and does anyone remember global cooling, which was pushed by pretty much the same lefty hacks that are now pushing global warming?
by Omega Death November 18, 2005
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