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Rock star syndrome(R*S)
a mental illness(most often occurring in drummers) in which the following symptoms may occur: when some one who plays an musical instrument (ussually has not been playing that long, about 3 months to a year, and ussually only wants to play music for fame) starts to think that they are amazing on their instrument when in reality they suck, this disease causes the player to be extremely cocky and full of themselves and can prevent a person from hearing their flaws, preventing from getting any better at playing. If rock star syndrome is left untreated it may become permanent and lead to drummers block a victim of R*S usually will not accept advice or constructive criticism about their music.

another symptom of R*S is impulsive buying of unneeded music gear in hopes that it will make you sound better(I.E. a drummer buying 5 new cymbals and a new snare or a guitarist buying a 600 dollar effects pedal)

there are few treatments available for rock star syndrome. one is to hope that the victim just realizes their suck-ness on their own. since victims dont take advice well, it would be useless to just tell them they have R*S
Guitarist:"dude tuna just got a sweet new crash cymbal lets go over and check it out,"
singer:"why? he just got a double bass last week and hes not even that good"
bassist:"yea i know right? tuna definitely has rockstar syndrome. he totally sucks and he thinks hes great"
by olly olly free oxens December 15, 2009

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