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When people use I when it is supposed to be me. Some people think it sounds more proper to misspeak with an I.
My buddy is a moron with grammar and over I's all the time.

Andrew: Will you let her and I know when you are finished?

Me: No nimrod, I won't let you know anything until you read a 5th grade grammar book. You can read, correct?
by Ocean Recruiter August 08, 2011

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An uneducated, self-loving, annoying co-worker who hasn't had an original thought in his entire life, but thinks he is cool because he mimics everything anyone says, and he even mimics blackberry and phone tones.
Mr. Mimic can suck the fun out of the office like a pin poping a balloon. Yes, of course, he is one of those people who wears spandex and rides his bicycle on the streets.
by ocean recruiter June 02, 2011

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Pubic Lice (Crabs) found on a female.
Last night, I was about to get lucky with the chick next door, but when I got down there, I could practically hear the Beaver Crickets chirpin'...so I went home and chirped my bird instead.

Man, that ho gave me beaver crickets and now I can't stop the itch.
by Ocean Recruiter February 07, 2011

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A showering of "dingle shrapnel" is caused by spraying one's sweaty taint and ass with a can of computer duster.
After a long round of golf on a hot day, Jimmy decided to skip a shower and cool down by spraying a can of computer duster from his balls to his taint. The dingle shrapnel was shooting everywhere and we couldn't believe how they stuck to the walls.
by ocean recruiter August 04, 2010

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