3 definitions by nyhavo

Big shak is a sexy beat god, who’s the favourite and funniest lass in world, and is currently laid in bed at 10:34 at night. Your welcome.
Big shak : man’s not hot
by nyhavo May 24, 2022
shakira is a long version of big shak, she is the funnest sexiest god in the world, and an absolute beast. Her best friend darcey smells of poo but is also a sexy god beast
shakira what’s ur nickname

big shak- man’s not hot
by nyhavo May 25, 2022
a absolute sexy beast, best looking sibling and will forever be the favourite child in every situation. Vaper rub.
shakira =

Take off your jacket
I said babe man’s not hot, never hot
by nyhavo May 24, 2022