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anna mae is one of the weridest people you will ever meet. she usually wears all dark blue clothes because she likes to pretend to be an emo lmao. she also thinks that its better to have a name that sounds like anime than to have a boring mf name, even if those boring mf named ppl make fun of ther name.she also likes to watch anime sometimes. her favorite ones are tpn because she likes to make fun of peedrew. anna mae often has black hair ( i know this isnt specific at all lloloolol). btw you cant get mad at me for making fun of this name because my irl name is anna mae haha get rekt >:). anna maes' names are often butchered to the point where she sometimes misspells their own name. another thing about anna mae is that she only lets her family and japanese moms' friends call her mae . anna mae may sometimes look scary but dont be afraid to talk to her. also mckayla if your reading this im sorry for accidentaly dissing your crocs.
anna mae is hilarius lmao
by non-intellegint person July 03, 2021
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a crackship that revived the tpn fandom for a short while until the translated fanbook revealed that they are related. rip peedrew. theres even a #peedrewisover tag on tiktok . once again rip
person 1: augh im so sad peedrew is over!
person 2: good peedrew sucked lmao time to change the peedrew channel on the discord to a ratri slander channel😘
by non-intellegint person July 02, 2021
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