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This reffers to "rap" music, rap really isnt music rap is people talking really fast with a catchy rythm in the back round
I hate R.A.P and all the stupis people who like it. Rap used to be cool when it was Run DMC, the beatsie boys, and public enemy, but now all it is is retarded wigers
by no name March 26, 2005
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a cock slap. Cause thats the sound it makes when it hits you
She was a bitch so I fudumped her
by no name February 15, 2005
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A teen who wastes their day or 90% of it texting or talking to another teen; someone who thinks they are being social but are actually the complete opposite
I think that guy in the corner, alone, on his phone is a full on social teen.
by no name July 4, 2014
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(verb) The meaning of "TPed" means to Toilet paper something, such as a house, car, or even a person.
I TPed you're brothers house on goosey night."
by no name August 23, 2006
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Choking the chicken, spanking the monkey, virtual sex, jacking off, jerking off, masturbating
Poor lonely james cant get sex, not even from a ho so he must make virtual sex
by no name March 24, 2005
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