1 definition by nnej teews

A stern, serious male with a deliciously cheeky, mischievous side. Reliable in a crisis, capable of protecting those he holds dear. Loyal, lawful and a straight talker who does not suffer fools. He is a humble and loyal friend who takes care of himself, he likes his independence, can be a loner. On the surface, he may appear cold and unfeeling but underneath he is kind, caring and generous with friends and loved ones. He is an interesting character who will enjoy experiencing new things...mostly - conversely, he likes hanging at home, relaxing and enjoys sharing a story or two. If Johnno is your lover, you will enjoy a great deal of pleasure in the bedroom, a selfless and attentive bed partner who likes a little experimentation! If you have the opportunity to get to know a Johnno...you wont be disappointed!
Johnno would be a perfect best man, he won't lose the ring!
by nnej teews February 15, 2019