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Basketball is offten refered to as nigger ball because 95% of the Nba are Black
them niggers sure like to play nigger ball
by NLR718 July 01, 2006
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really bad pot is also niggerweed cause Blacks are known for having drit
niggaweed is what stupid white college kids by at washington square park
by NLR718 June 19, 2006
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It makes me Sick how some people View The Black panthers as Cival Rights Originization The Black Panthers Where a racial Terrorist Group. Their Co-Founder Eldrige Clever Did Time In the 1950's For Drugs and Rape. One essay Of Clevers he said his rape of White Women'' was a Insurrectionary act that delighted me that I was defying and trapling upon the white man's law and defilling his Women''.Thats a Mysoginist and a bully so All You White Liberals Who are Quick To call others mysoginist and Yet support the panthers Think Of what hypocrates you are and how sick you are To cheer on some pig who rapes Your own Women.The Black panthers Where Socialist Nothing Wrong with that I agree with many socialist Ideals they where also Black Nationalist Wait You Put the Two together what do you get National Socialist (aka) Nazi So,when you are quick To call people nazis really think of what that word means .The other Co-Founder Huey P Newton died Of a heroin overdoes In 1989' He was a real Sucmbag who was charged with Murdering a cop who stopped him during a traffic Stop He Did 3 years for manslaughter and it was latter over turne on a technocalitic .From 1967-1969 9 cops where Murdered and 56 Wounded By The Black panthers In oakland.I don't Blame Cops for messing with them. Dozens of Mostley Black Civilans where Killed by Panthers In their Course of conducting Extortions,prositution and Drug rackkets Not cause Of the size of their falas Or some retared shuff that someone with a 72iq would arguee.Sure they where a threath and Not because they Spoke of Black empowerment because they where terrorist who Incited hatred and committed acts of terrorism and brutality.Black Panther Mumia abu Jamel confessed and was Covicted Of Killing a White Police officer in 1981 .Many People Actually cheer this Animal on and rally for his innocents Could you imagen Anyone Cheering on those White racist terrorist who Bombed that Chuch that Killed 4 innocent black girls? Esspecially another Black person.I'm sure Mistakes where made during his arresst and How the case was handled It doesn't make him innocent.The Black panthers allowed Whites to support them and make Financial Contrubutions It doesn't mean they like you It means they are using you to Push their agenda.Some Racist White Groups do the same allow non-White to be supporters and Contrubutiors Why Not use your Enemies for your own benifit?Many original panthers Joined the Black Liberation army Who where responsiable For Hi-jacking of planes Armered Bank car Robberies and Murder of Both Civilians and Law enforcement . They Robbed the Armered cars To Fund their Revalution The same as The White Terrorist Group the Order.personally I think groups like that are a bigger threath Then AlKida.I can kinda Understand how some Blacks with out a concious could support them or even Just some Blacks who are angry because of past injustices and want a eye for a eye one mans freedom fighter is anothers terrorist,but for Whites to be down with that is Just Sick.Whats even sicker is that some Black panthers are In Government Like Brooklyn assambley men Charles Barron.
The Black Panthers Provoked and Antaginized The Cops and Terrorized Innocent people!
by Nlr718 February 01, 2008
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Moolies meaning more then one Moolie -short for moolinyam Italian for eggplant and commonley used as a racial slur for blacks

I grew up around a bunch of moolies
by NLR718 June 19, 2006
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Meaning on the down low a turm used mostly by black homosexuals who are in the closet or the down low
a lot of brothas on on the DL
by NLR718 June 05, 2006
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usually used by persons who have little or no True latin orgins such as mestizos,mulattos,indians,quadrons and blacks living in south american the carribean and united state.probably taken from the spanish word ladino used in the late middel ages To describe someone for mixed races. latin comes from latni a tribe in northern Italy that latter became the Romans who collinized Italy,France,Spain,Portugal,Romania giving them off shoots of the latin language, people in south america who where conqured by people who where conqured latins/latinos does not them they latino

Ignorant muds call them selfs latins/latinos
by NLR718 June 05, 2006
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A turm that came From American Gi's In world war two To Idenity other soliders for their home towns,cities & states. It is more commonly used now as a turm To mean a friend from the neighborhood or a gang member
- That kid joe is Ok he's a home boy from st louie
by NLR718 June 03, 2006
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