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A human-deer hybrid genetically engineered to have a big butt. That stars in a reality TV show about nothing.
Mate did you hear about that escaped deer, she has been turned into a human and now she is famous. Her name is Kim Kardashian
by nintendo fan July 29, 2015

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A flop factory where the winner of the competition gets.... A high position on the bubbling under charts.
by nintendo fan September 20, 2015

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The dirty minded people HQ
Ha i just made a Pun that isnt funny. Better put it on urban dictionary
by nintendo fan September 16, 2015

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Will only accept offensive definitions. Anything the slightest bit not offensive is out.
John: I am sorry that thing isn't racist, not acceptable. We are Urban Dictionary, Deal With IT
by nintendo fan March 18, 2015

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Someone that is very destructive or tough, or strong. It could also mean they live rough or have a rough lifestyle and cope with it.
Guy: (smashes up a load of things) and that is how you are Biger.

Guy: Wow you have a hard life living a cave, your really biger.
by nintendo fan July 12, 2015

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Like Chart Froth, Chart Fluff is music that is trashy, generic and bad. But the singer is usually very famous and recognized and also keeps reappearing with more hits.

Britney Spears comes under the category because she can't sing very well at all and is very popular. Like Chart Froth Fluff is not a strong (good) material. It will not pop or go away very fast. But it is called fluff because its a weak and poor quality material like the music named after it.
Guy: Wow Britney is chart fluff. Not Chart Froth, but she is fluffy
Other guy: fluffy, that sounds really wrong.
by nintendo fan October 03, 2015

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Bad, Trashy, Generic or bland music that is on the charts once. But the artist who makes it is not remembered or heard from again. It is called Chart Froth because froth is a weak material that pops quickly. Like the music.
Did you hear about Watch Me by whats his name. It's Chart Froth.
by nintendo fan October 03, 2015

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