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This word if from the book of senses.

It describes when a humen,under the influence of marijuana, can read eachother`s mind,or in a sense think like eachother.
Nik(to third person): yo dude your sideburns arent the same size!

Amir(to the third person): I was just Thinking about that right now.

Nik: thats 8th sense
by Nik Armi January 12, 2010

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1-always the person that packs the pipe gets to hit it first

2-the person that calls backdoor before the pipe is packed will get last place

3-sharing your water or other liquids is mandatory if one of your fellow smokers are coughing.

4-quitting on a bowl will result in the quitter not getting anymore hits for the rest of the day and getting the bitch place (last place in rotation) for the next 5 smoking sessions unless he/she has declared a nonsmoker and has not taken any hits from the bowl(even one will count).However if the quitter is the person whom has asked to smoke another bowl he/she is not able to quit on it.

P.S:The 5 session suspension from good hits could be appealed(and potentially reduced to 3 or 1) with good reasonings how ever the smoking fwllows in the group will get to judge.
5-Smoking should continue untill everybody in the circle declare stoned.

6-the person that packs the bowl will get shotgun if smoking in the car regardless of who has called it,simply because it is improbable to pack in the backseat.

7-When smoking in a group it is important to be as discreet as possible so any paraional activity including but not limited to:driving reclessly,continiously mentioning how stoned you are,being abnoxiuos will result in punishment decided by the rest of the group.

8-messing around and screwing with people is one of the most enjoyable feelings of being stoned.so it is imortant for the smokers to have a high confidence level and not to get carried away with it.

9- Although when getting in trouble while being stoned means every man for himself,it is important that the person in trouble doesnt sell their smoking buddy out in any circumstances.Violation of this rule will result in punishment decided by other smokers

10-Because Marijuana affects people differently it is polite not to make other people do what you want to do but to take a vote from other smokers.

Judging:taking vote takes place in a way that every smoker in the group gets a vote even the person accused of a violation.However the person packing the bowl will get 1.1 votes to make sure that a tie wont happen.
10 ammendments of smoking marijuana
by Nik Armi April 07, 2010

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from the book of senses.

When a person under the influence of marijuana can only fuckyes(focus) on his ultimate goal and will not back down untill he/she has reached it kinda like Rambo.
Amir:" yo dude are you gonna be ok to drive"
Nik: "of course you are forgetting about the Rambo concept"
by Nik Armi January 19, 2010

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from the book of senses.

When a person gets really high under marijuana and has a flashback/sees future.This rarely happens but when it does the person gets the perfect understanding of the situation.
Brian: Lets go to see that movie in Imax.

Nik: in my mind i get the flashback that ive been there before and it was good and I also realize that if it is Imax,it probably will be good so i agree,9th sense plus
by Nik Armi January 13, 2010

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from the book of senses.

when a person gets really high on marijuana,and they are able to see the future.
Faz: Darn dude i think I dropped my charcoal.

Nik: I knew you were gonna do that,its like I saw it happening before you do it,9th sense.
by Nik Armi January 13, 2010

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from the book of senses.

this only happens when a person is under the influence of marijuana.
This person will do his normal everyday work without people realizing that he is high but in reality there is a major conflict going on in his mind.This conflict result in him not being able to remember much.
Sami: "what are you doing down there?,are you ok?"

Nik:" yea,relax im fine,im on weedpilot"
by Nik Armi January 20, 2010

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when a girl`s boobs are headsized.meaning they are so big,they are the size of your head.
Sean:"Yo dude look at that girl` tities"

Nik:"I know shes got somesweet HS boobs"
by Nik Armi January 16, 2010

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