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A couple sits on a futon in a slouched position, wearing motorcycle helmets. the male on bottom in a seated position, the female on top but on her knees as if riding a crotch rocket. The female must also twist the males nipple while performing intercourse while he makes motorcycle noises. As they near climax, they both must begin headbutt each other until the weaker party is unconscious. The consious party then deficates in the others helmet and seals the facemask shut with duct tape.
Josh: Hey guys, why does my motorcyle helmet stink so bad?
John and Abby: I don't know...we didn't use it for our motorcycle futon fuck.
by nick'n'johnny January 16, 2006
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A cocktail with a mix of jagermeister and nyquil.

*Caution: Mike Tyson will knock you the fuck out*
Nick: Man, I have a wicked cough, but at the same time, I really want to get crunked. What should I do?

John: Here doggie, I made you a Mike Tyson, this will knock you the fuck out."
by nick'n'johnny February 02, 2006
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A jager bomb, but with 4 times the jager, and virtually no energy beverage
John: You guys want some jager bombs? (John proceeds to concoct Nick a beverage)
Nick: (sips freshly created beverage) Damn, this is pretty much a "jager missile"
John: Yeah...my bad dude
by nick'n'johnny January 16, 2006
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