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In one word: FINALS!!

F uck
N ever
A ctually
L earned
S hit
Me: "hey did you take your finals?"
Steve: "yea, but fuck it I never actually learned shit!"
by Nexus December 13, 2004
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Black male porn actor. The epitome of the black man with a rhinocerous cock.

This well-endowed God of a man possesses a unit no less than 14 inches long and 6 inches in girth. Quit his job as a New York stockbroker to go into adult films, where he makes roughly $3,000 per scene.
Huff: "Dude...I just downloaded a porn from Ares and saw Lexington Steele fuck Jenna Jameson's asshole!"

Me: "Yea, and he gets $3,000 everytime he shoots in her face!"
by Nexus November 29, 2004
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What I get for trying to type Thomas too fast
Hey Thoams let's go buy some more Star Wars at Comics and Stuff!!
by Nexus December 13, 2004
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30 year old script kiddie that has spent the majority of his life on Undernet
Swope hearts Breinne.
by Nexus June 19, 2003
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A gay man that goes to RHS. He is like a parasite.
Dude, Steven is such a nurduff.
by Nexus October 28, 2003
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Short for 'All your base are belong to us', meaning something like 'we own you' or 'you got owned' or something. anyway. The popularity of this phrase is unexplainable but it has circulated the net for years in pictures and text. Originally comes from a game for the sega megadrive system called zero wing, a space shoot-em-up released in japan in the '80s. The game was translated into english (very poorly at that, it almost qualifies as engrish) and released in europe in 1989. For more details on how this phrase came to be, google for 'AYBABTU'.
a picture of a tank getting blown up by a huge missile would be captioned 'aybabtu'.
by NeXuS July 24, 2003
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No, no no, you all have it wrong. A gink is someone who wacks off and spooges in a bottle because he thinks it gives him special powers.
Ned: "yo Phil, what's a gink?"

Phil: "someone who spooges in a bottle because they think they get special powers."
by Nexus December 13, 2004
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