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the country hitler was boorn in
a: hey do you know were hitler was boorn

b: austria
a:k thanks
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the blue poop sword that kirito used in the sao (sword art online) abridged series
Someone:hey kirito what did you name the sword
Kirito: oh i named it the pice of shit
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E just E there is no definition why would you even look for the letter E you don't gain any knowledge from this so why why would you search this up.
A:hey B why is the sky blue
A:wdym E
B:justt E
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adding words that don't need to be there but still make the word or sentence grammatically correct
phase 1 all your base are belong to us
phase 2 all of your various headquarters now are in our ownership
phase 3 we now lay claim to the various places of operations that where once under your governorship but have now been ceded to us
phase 4 we herby relieve you of the various locals that you once saw fit to serve as conduits through which to channel
your military power and arbitrary presumed to be under your charge based on some abstract notion of human property and declare them to be amongst our possessions.

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