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Okay this is the real, real deal folks.

Redbone, the correct terminology, is a black person who has red undertones in their hair and skin. Usually light or light caramel but not always. They just have reddish hair and skin.

BUT!!! It's NOW used to describe a particular look that occurs in African Americans. Each culture has their own term for this look. In Cuba its: 'Haba' or 'mulatto'. Usually light light complexion.

However, The term TODAY, is used in Black culture for any light, super high yellow girl/woman, mulatto looking woman who is Black(Not Latina, etc). If she is mixed, but still looks traditionally black and mixed w/white(Not the Asian and Black look)she may still be called redbone, but its used to describe a Black Woman(who can HAVE 2 black parents) who happens to be extremely light.

You can call a guy "redbone" too but its been used so much to describe light skinned women that it wouldn't be used quite right in everyday vernacular, although technically you'd be right.Nowadays it has too many sexual overtones for light light women.

Term is used heavily in the south.

I am considered a "redbone" and I get called this all the time simply because I am a woman, and Black, but lighter than most Black people in America.
A light skinned girl walks by: Hey Red(short for redbone) come here.

She's the redbone standing next to Tameka.

I like redbone girls.

Redbone girls r too yellow for me, I need sum colour!

She redbone too withg the long hair! She fine as hell!

I dont really like redbone girls, theyre not my style.

Redbone girls act saddity
by nemynem May 09, 2010

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