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an absolute giga mcnigga of a human being. the pinnacle of human evolution. this idea was once laughed about by scientists, but now it has turned into reality. with a 420 inch legendary spiraling shiny metal COCK, measuring a 69 inch girth, angus bannatyne is the closest a human has ever come close to becoming god himself.
"oh my fucking god look at that guy with his mega long schlong"
"yeah he is angus bannatyne"
by n0DFS8t344y4kic1kien August 02, 2021
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When someone tells you something but you seriously don't give a fuck
'hey I fucked Joe yesterday.' 'oh coool.'
by n0DFS8t344y4kic1kien October 23, 2019
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someone with a massive 50 inch cock
omg why is ur cock so big

cos im terry chen
by n0DFS8t344y4kic1kien June 10, 2021
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