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The best damn drug out there. It's psychologically addictive, meaning you'll probably think about it a lot, but cocaine doesnt have any physical withdrawal symptoms like alcohol and heroin. Also very expensive, usually $40 a gram is straight ($100-120 for an 8 ball) but if you're getting some fishscale paying $50 a gram is still worth it ($120-150 a ball).

Good coke will make you hornier than E, calmer than weed and it'll make you really focused. Be warned tho, some dealers like to cut their white with meth which will make you really hyper. An experienced user will be able to tell right away, but if you're new to coke be careful who you get it from.
Do cocaine when you go out partying in conjunction with lots of Jack Daniels for one hell of a Friday night.
by n eazy February 4, 2008
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normally used to make purple drank, but if you wanna trip even harder soak your weed in promethazine before you smoke it. give it a few minutes to dry beore you load it into your pipe. gives you all the effects of drinking lean except it's more intense and you feel it faster because you smoked it.
lil wayne dips his bud in promethazine in one of his songs
by n eazy January 13, 2008
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