3 definitions by mr ess

someone who jumps on the back of an old or disabled persons electric mobility scooter to get around quicker. it is also so much funnier if you ask them first or even more if they offer it to you!
the party starts in 10 minutes how you gonna get here on time?

im an expert scooter hitcher, ill make it!
by mr ess February 22, 2009
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when someone has usually blonde semi long hair that makes them look a bit gay example: jay from the tv show "the imbetweeners" even though him and the show is legendary!
*guy with sweet hair walks into room*
oh man you have got sweet hair!
by mr ess February 22, 2009
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someone who plays bass guitar and shows off by constantly playing slap pop
wtf this kid thinks hes solid because he can play slap pop. what a slap twat, lets see how good he is when i slap his ass and pop a cap in his ass.
by mr ess February 22, 2009
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