5 definitions by monica borbele

1. If someone types this to you, it means they want your nuts.

2. If someone types this to you and doesn't agree that they want your nuts, then they are a tease.

3. Sometimes girls do this to each other, but don't actually engage sexually with each other. Kind of like how some girls make out with each other but also claim to he heterosexual.

person one: hey whatsup? ;)
person two: not much ;)

1. in this example, both people want each-other's nuts, and they will probably end up fucking in the near future.

2. The first one is teasing the other, even though the second is actually dtf
3. two stupid girls that like to suck dick
by monica borbele May 2, 2012
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1. A creamy, goopy, white dessert that is vanilla flavored.

2. Cum, or the combined cum of partners.
1. Oh boy! Mom made us vanilla pudding for dessert.

2. Oh no! We stained the couch with our vanilla pudding.
by monica borbele August 20, 2009
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The heterosexual best friend of a person who identifies as homosexual (Gay or Lesbian).
"Is that your boyfriend?"
"No, he's my heterosexual life partner."


"Is that your girlfriend?"
"No, she's my heterosexual life partner."
by monica borbele May 2, 2012
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An interjection of satisfaction (often used by teenage boys obsessed with their genitals.)

The word "dick" replaces other swear words such as fuck and hell to sound more obscene and male oriented.
root beer? Aw dick yeah!!! I love root beer!!!
by monica borbele October 25, 2010
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1. One who sucks pudding

2. One who performs cunnilingus

3. An insult directed towards one who sucks pudding or performs cunnilingus
1. I don't need a spoon, I'm a pudding sucker.

2. Wanna make some vanilla pudding? I'll suck it up for you, being such an amazing pudding sucker.

3. You're such a pudding sucker, why don't you be more civil?
by monica borbele August 2, 2009
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