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A girl who gets knocked up by someone who doesn't want her, so instead leads on a decent guy so she will have a father figure in her inbred baby's life. She enjoys to cause lots of drama when people call her out on being irresponsible even though she's pregnant and will soon have to be responsible for two. She is lazy and will never get a decent job because she thinks everything should be handed to her. Stay away from these dirty girls. They will even get drunk at your house and make a scene. After they have almost succeeded in setting themselves on fire, they will throw up all over your bed and still treat you like you're worthless. They also enjoy hitting on girls boyfriends, and when the girl confronts her about it, Arianna will call you a array of immature names; including but not limiting: slut, whore, cunt, stupid bitch, ect. For all sanity to be saved, stay far away from these crazy women.
Person one: Who is that crazy girl?
Person two: I think her name is Arianna, And all I've heard is that she's totally white trash.
Person one: That explains some things.
by mich? October 16, 2012
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