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An ugly junk with no heart or sole.

The lowest possible human form there is before death or rehab.

Incapable of telling the truth or even knowing what the truth is.

Everything it touches turns to shit.

Very Ugly, self absorbed, selfish, evil and basically on par with the thieving Junkie Devil.
Person 1) What's that outside in the gutter?
Person 2) That's the local cara, don't touch it or go near it, it'll sniff out out your money and take you for all your worth.

Person 1) Hey guys, whatever happened to Johnny?
Person 2) Didn't you hear? At the prom he tried some weed, 6 months later....he was a full blown cara, the worst case I ever seen I tells ya.
by matteroffactnotopinion August 18, 2010
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