3 definitions by matt coiro

another word for Million dollars. Based on the character Millhouse on the Simpsons.
That guy makes some mad (Bank), he probably brings down a Millhouse a month.
by matt coiro April 03, 2007
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down payment on something, is a down stroke.
Looks like Rochester finally sold that Fast Ferry to Germany's FRS, for 30 (millhouse), with a nice down stoke of 3 (millhouse) Wease.
You better make a down stroke ASAP if want the car.
by matt coiro April 03, 2007
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To re-think a bet, having learned new information.
My favorite morning DJ Brother Wease of Rochester,NY, uses tons of slang for differnet reasons. He is a poker addict, and gambling in general.
During the Friday movie reviews, the critic claimed 300 would pull in 25 Million plus! Wease was ready to start a bet, the critic statedd nothing else was opening up. Wease said, he better "back off the window"
by matt coiro March 09, 2007
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