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This is a shit one takes at work. This type of shit is usually caused by a late night of drinking or a poorly planned fast food lunch. usually occurs on the busiest day of work when work needs done, and never on the days that work is slow. When this occurs, the boss usually inquires about your constant bowel movements which pisses him off and embarasses you in the workplace. Not Fun!
Boss: Jesus Christ Jim, you've been in the shitter a long time today, are you fine?

Jim: Yes I am boss, except I ate the chili from Wendys from lunch today and Ive got work shit from it.

Boss: Understandable. Now get to work.
by masternoob 720 November 19, 2009

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When a ladies anus is hairy with peices of shit in it, and a man penetrates it anyway.
by Masternoob 720 May 08, 2009

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1. The big or small boxes wrapped brightly with a bow and name tag sitting under a Christmas Tree at Christmas time.

2.An excuse to receive a sexual favor when Christmas is on coming from the opposite gender.

3. the lingering stench after shitting out the contents of Christmas Dinner.

4. Cheap and frivolous gifts received on Christmas, usually bought a month before on Thanksgiving Weekend , and are usually lowly priced and bought because it was so cheap I couldn't pass by a bargain like that".
1. I cant wait to unwrap my Christmas Presents that sit so joyously under my Christmas tree.

2. Please, I need a Christmas Present soon or I may be smacking a bitch..... I prefer a good falacio or go in the sheets instead of a store bought gift.

3. Don't go in there, because you may be receiving an unwanted Christmas Present.

4. Most of my Christmas Presents were cheap novelty items that I saw a month earlier for 70% off at Fred Meyers.
by masternoob 720 October 07, 2009

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