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1.)Secret language developed in 1990 consisting of total nonsense. Chris and Martin came up with it as a clever way to confuse elderly instructors at RHS.
2.)Game of- The game of bandsaw is to bandsaw (speak nonsense) to someone and the first word out of their mouth must be "what" for you to "win" or "get them"
1.) Did gen if was gone tryin and over by the store?

2.) Person Bandsawing: Warlton instie or has you back into that line?
Victim: What?
Person Bandsawing: DAMN! GOT HIM (HER) DAMN! (while scratching chin as if you are very wise-at this point you can say something like "huh bwah, seems as doh you beez got!".
by mark p July 01, 2004

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rabbits spelled backwards
Mr. White we want to abort the test today or we will tell Daniel about the dead stibbars.
by mark p December 09, 2004

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1. short name for a colorful bird(pheasent)
2.What you call mark cooper.
hooooooouuuuuu! hoouuuuuu! houuuuuuuu!

Coop, what the hell did you eat?

pheasent and okra
by mark p December 05, 2004

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