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A group of symbols used to describe a penis that is cumming. Usually used on IM or through texting.

Break Down:

=-shaft(each equal sign is used to represent 1 inch)
Ben: "What happened last night with you and Sara?"
Jerry: "8==>~"
"that's all I can say!"
Ben: "Shit man. I sorry."
by ManOfCars April 18, 2009
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1. To get fucked until you have become proper or have learned your lesson. Usually said after one has done something really bad.

2. When having sexual intercourse, one does a position or sexual activity wrong causing the other person/partner to yell out "FUCK ME PROPER!"
Joe: "Should I put it here?"
Jamie: "Fuck me proper!"
by ManOfCars June 22, 2009
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The taco bell apocalypse will come when Taco Bell goes out of business...lets hope that will never happen! People will die and mexico will be raided for tacos! The the price of tacos, meat, beef, cheese, beans, and everything else included on the taco bell menu with in short supply and the prices will sky rocket for them! Also the world will have to rely on KFC for its supply of sporks!
Phillipe:"Did you hear Taco Bell is going out of business and the government didn't give them a bail out?"
Roderigo: "What the fuck is the government thinking! Don't they know if Taco Bell goes out of business there will be a taco bell apocalypse!?"
Phillipe: "Yah there setting themselves up for a big one aren't they?"
by ManOfCars June 18, 2009
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While in class or an important meeting where texting is prohibited, one uses a book, wall, backpack, person, etc blocking the view of you texting from the teacher/instructor.
Ryan: "He Sally, I need to use your backpack as a text block."
Sally: "Ok, just don't make it obvious!"
by ManOfCars March 04, 2009
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When you get a wedgie so bad that it makes your balls hurt just like they tied in a knot.
Ron: "Dude, I just a major wedgie!"
Denny: "Man, that must have hurt like hell!?"
Ron: "Yah, I pretty much had my balls in a knot!"
by ManOfCars June 14, 2009
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A female pimp. It's a simple as that!
That chick back there was a total pimpet! Did yah see her?
by ManOfCars May 11, 2009
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A combination of the words psychedelic and hippie put together to make one blended word that you can use when describing how one looks or how they dress.
Jimmy - "Did you know tomorrows decades day?"
Nate - "What are you going to wear Sally?"
Sally - " I was gonna raid my moms closet to find some of her old hippedelic clothes from the 80's"
by ManOfCars March 17, 2009
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