71 definition by man!?

1-whore house
2-the boss for there
I am some body stupid, I had shook hands with this mined, and I am settled in this house for ever, with this the same whore of Bet, his daughter!!!
by man!? May 25, 2017

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any thing sad, that if that want to be said among real friends
I saw the film, John, but never I wanted to watch it again, cause it was sadder indeed! This was also our bad chance that I can,t explain that film to you.
by man!? May 16, 2017

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Sour, or widow woman, there kept as an anarchist against Khomeini!!?
I am not Shahnaz but I am light-headed.
by man!? August 16, 2018

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abbreviation of citizen for the teller.
Lost child said to the police ,secondary: Yeas my father was a zen...
by man!? February 19, 2018

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a vomiting purposely for sex affairs girl, for her unusual singing of ringo ringo roses, be doing that mistake for e,re, when she is called by males most of the day light, a reckless girl she must be then, and watchy too
To Charlotte I was no love having, she was indeed a rango around here.
by man!? July 16, 2017

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a free person from England or strict laws
Nub of this scenery was that: Henry was a hippie, he couldn,t hide from his children his lighter of his cigarettes, like a free animal.
by man!? May 27, 2017

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This is referred to a reddish color, for a person ashamed or a thing defeated, like bolony, as face color of a man who can,t piss off, after jolts, or a girl,s face color when she stopped in half way of her masturbating!
I was a fame of myself, in the province, soon after I watched , that my neighbors had realized, from my bolony boobs, be shown to them, after they saw the running away Larry.
by man!? March 10, 2017

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