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when poop breaks off halfway out of your ass and you wipe away at the stump as if it were a wet pastel poking out of your asshole.
I wont be coming to work today as I've been cursed by the shit of a thousand wipes.
by Lunicus January 24, 2007
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The act of fucking someones partner during the day while the other is at work.
The fear of getting caught made the dayfuck I had on Tuesday the best fuck of my life!

After dayfucking my friends wife yesterday, she gave me a sweater of his that he doesn't wear....I love it!

Melanie dayfucked her friend Rachels husband to get back at her for openly flirting with her boyfriend.

by Lunicus December 10, 2006
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The bio-hazardous liquid on the bottom of garbage bins
Jimmy put garbage juice in his squirt gun and shot his friend in the face with it.....they are no longer friends.

We thought it would be funny to make ice cubes out of garbage juice and put it in peoples drinks......it was!!
by Lunicus December 04, 2011
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roll of toilet paper, particularly the ass wipe in job site port-a-potties.
Oh no! I just crapped and theres no bulk turban left! Guess I'll use my sock.

The dollar store has a sale on bulk turban today! 24 rolls for $3.99!
by Lunicus September 17, 2006
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When you are wiping your ass and your finger suddenly pokes through the toilet paper into your poopy arse. Most often occurs with cheap, single ply tickets in public restrooms.
Oh no!...my finger has a brown smelly swimming cap from a vicious rip 'n' dip!!

If you cant see the poop...smelling your finger is the only way to know if you were the victim of a rip 'n' dip
by Lunicus December 03, 2011
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The act of wiping your ass to find out if you shit up your ass crack after a particularly gruesome fart.
Oh my!! that ripper will definitely require a confirmation wipe!

My confirmation wipe revealed what I was afraid of...I just shit myself on my first date!!
by Lunicus December 04, 2011
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When a grown man acts like a whining child for little or no reason
Jerry's wife got him all worked up in bed and proceeded to roll over and go to sleep. Jerry threw a man fit and sat in a chair pouting like a little rich kid who got the wrong colored pony for their birthday
by Lunicus November 28, 2010
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