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The shiver you get after dropping a deuce of substantial girth that tests the laws of physics. Like cold shiver but much more satisfying. In fact, very similar to a piss shiver, enjoyed after satisfying a tremendous need to drain your lizard.
Man, I hate dropping a deuce so enormous that it feels like giving birth & leads to rectal spasms. Hey, but at least I got to enjoy the inevitable shit shiver.
by Lovell from UT September 02, 2010
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A turd whose shear mass is capable of cracking the bowl with magnanimous porcelain pounding force. However, the danger does not end there. If upon flushing, the centrifugal force is set slightly askew, then there is an astronomical chance of an unexpected storm surge.
Dude, I did not dare flush at the hotel this morning after dropping a depth charge. I just left a twenty on the upper deck with a note apologizing to Lupe.
by Lovell from UT November 09, 2010
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The innate desire after dropping a turd of some substance to stand up and watch it pass as you flush - to admire it and pay your last respects as it were.
After stretching my sphincter to its Matrix-like limits, I had to given that turdzilla a proper 21 gun toilet salute.
by Lovell from UT September 21, 2010
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An asshole where nothing bigger than a pea can ever be passed. The holy grail of anal sex. If you dare to enter, resulting in marks on one's johnson that look like severe rug burn.
Did you hear what Carl unleashed on George last night in the upstairs office? The full fury of the anaconda vortex was in effect!
by Lovell from UT October 21, 2010
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The undisputed & uber homo leader of the BCL "Butt Conga Line" - he lives to initiate the act and typically walks w/ a defined limp from frequent butt scorchings.
Blake is such a BCL Baller! Yeah, he should be strutting his asshole out on Dancing with the Stars.
by Lovell from UT October 21, 2010
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When a chick's vag looks like she stuffed Justin Bieber's head in it face first. In other words, a pubic Amazon jungle.
I cum face-to-face with a bieber beaver last night at the party. So, whaddya do? I bushwhacked my way right in and back out with a wooly mammoth mount, you know how I roll!
by Lovell from UT November 08, 2010
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Not to be confused with the Florida State Seminoles - though a tomahawk chop and chanting are involved. Dropping your load in the face of your partner followed by spreading it on their face like war paint. Typically, right before climax you begin to chant, plant your sword in your partners face, and finish with the tomahawk chop just like Chief Osceola.
Dude, what the actual fuck are you doing? Hey, I'm getting my chant & tomahawk chop on - sounds like Adam is frosting another donut Florida State Semenhole style.
by Lovell from UT November 02, 2010
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