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The ultimate party food among American college students. Where there's beer, you'll also find Doritos, especially the two most popular flavors:
-Cool Ranch
-and Nacho Cheese.
Daring and creative students may even mix the two flavors in a bowl!
LoRes: Where's the party at?
Scoots: Leon's house!11
LoRes: Nice. I hope we find some winmen and get in a convoy.
Scoots: Fisk.dat! I'm jost gun snaxZ0rs the whole time!
LoRes: Yeah, I saw him buy a shitload of Doritos and beer last night.
*Cops pull up*
Drunk Kids in Bush: SS....SCATTER!111
by LoRes September 07, 2008

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To complain and bitch in excess at the same time, for long periods of time, about everything. Usually with your friend at a bar about your girlfriend/boyfriend being an ass. You may or may not be drunk at the time.
LoRes: Dammit... that whore Jill told me we were through. I just bought her a $120 dinner, and spent the whole day picking out a suite, and I helped her AND her friends move and..---

Scoots: What are you comblitching about, LoRes? Didn't you pwn her?

LoRes: (sigh) Yeah...
by LoRes August 24, 2007

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A headache from pwning too many noobs, espicially via headshots, in first person shooter games.
Soots could no longer pwn noobs because he had a FPS headache. And he couldn't pwn noobs to start with in the first place.
by LoRes August 13, 2007

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Soot's way of spelling women. Phonics sound similar, but spelling is completely different. Winmen has been evolved ever since to be the icon of misspelling words due to bad phonics.
Soots: LoRes, How u speel artvaar? ("avatar")?
LoRes: ? Do you mean aviator?
Scoots: NO U no wat U doing !!
LoRes: Aardvark?
Scoots: No!1 That picture that reprisints UR=name
LoRes: ...analogy? what are you comblitching about?
Soots: (sigh)... forget = it. i'll ask danielle...
LoRes: is that your winmen?
by LoRes January 01, 2008

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The greatest game that ships on a Windows computer. It is classified as a game because it is located under the path:

Nothing is more fit to entertain than Volume Control. The final boss of the game is Master Control at 100% volume. The game also includes secret bosses, such as treble and bass. Only *Advanced* players can find them.
Scoots: LoRes, want to play Halo?

LoRes: Nah, I'm leveling up in Volume Control... I'm in the Windows RG dungeon right now... Level 50 Wave Balance!

Scoots: Dammit!1!1 That's a winmen's game!
by LoRes August 05, 2008

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Slang for Charter Communications. The worst Internet Service Provider (ISP) encounterable. Chowdah Communications often sells broken parts and then charges more to fix them. Their internet bandwidth is really slow at .5mb/sec, even though the minimum speed possible is 4mb/sec. Their tech support is stationed in India, and they're probably all high off drinking too much Clam Chowdah, anyway.

Clam Charter has really awkward employees that drive orange Chowdah Rape Vanes that roam the streets.
Scoots: LoRes, do U R still = Clam Chowdah?

LoRes: YEEEHAWWW!!!111one!1 I was comblitching to them for an hour on the phone, and the Charter Bundle which controls internet, tv, phone, dropped my phonecall as they were pretending to fix my problem!

Scoots: FISK.dll!11! U R got PWN3d in 3D! Better call URU"R winmen N mak sure U R+"Re clear UR"RE knight!1!1 Chowdah will probably send an army of rape vans to U"RE HOUSE within teh_hour!1!

LoRes has logged off. Reason: Bad connection.
by LoRes February 29, 2008

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Something that's more difficult than too hard, but not quite as hard as four hard.
Scoots: LoRes, why U R keep macken up dees words?

LoRes: IDK My BFF Jill? That question is three hard for me!
by LoRes August 19, 2008

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