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When a girl goes down on you, swiftly grab her by the ears, face pump her hard, pull out, shoot her in the eye...and as she is temporarily blinded, punch a banana down her throat.
So...this puck slut is at our game, I give her the look and she follows to the locker room...she thinks romance, she gets an Angry Monkey. This ain't the movies beeotch, it's hockey.
by Lord Stanley April 22, 2009

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When somebody spears you square in the balls. Kinda like that raiden move from mortal kombat but like hits you straight on the nuts.
Quit acting gay or ima have to garbutt you dude.

If you wear that homoerotic sharks jersey, I will swear on wayne gretzky's hot daughter that I will garbutt you straight to dallas, tampa bay, or sunrise florida!
by lord stanley April 28, 2014

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