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Jamster ringtone used as a chav mating call.

I have never wanted to peel a frog and roll it in salt so much.
Ba - ding - ding - erggghhhhharghhhhh!!!

by Little Miss Mayonnaise June 02, 2005

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Cookie/brownie crammed full of dope
Mrs Smith took some space cakes to her local church coffee morning and the whole congregation was as stoned as a rats arse
by Little Miss Mayonnaise May 27, 2005

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Not needing a brain to operate task in question
Hey, working a till in Macdonalds is a no brainer which is just as well as chavs need the work
by Little Miss Mayonnaise May 26, 2005

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Manic cartoon from the weebls website. Might even replace the Crazy Frog in my level of affection. Has incredibly clever tricks involving disappearing cows and pigeon sawing whilst mysteriously living 4th dimentionally in shopping aisles of Ragu or beans

Seriously wacked, you dont need to be stoned to enjoy this - well actually you do, even tho he is ten times more slick than the last time you saw him....
* sung in pythonesque tone*
You might think his new trick is sick
Sawing a pigeon in half with a stick
by Little Miss Mayonnaise June 11, 2005

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From the slang Kark (shortened form of carcass - a dead body)

To have died
I drove to the Heatherbell Crossroads and stalled. I tried to start it, it had karked it - totally

In a film of my life I would have got out and thrashed it soundly with a tree branch ala Basil Fawlty

But I didnt.....
by Little Miss Mayonnaise July 05, 2005

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A state of mind where you are suffering from information overload or are in such a confused emotional state that you cant think straight

Knotty, wet and messy - you dont wanna be in that state for long, lifes too short
I just crammed all my revising for the year in one day - I know have a bad case of 'spaghetti brain.'

I have spent all day with Angela and she is just such hard work. She has given me 'spaghetti brain' thats for sure.
by Little Miss Mayonnaise May 26, 2005

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Crappy Internet Relay Chat service where you are continually bombarded by cigarette sellers, adverts for increasing yr tit/penis size, turkish pervs with their trollies down and bizarre robot spam from the iron curtain
Where the friendless go to die...
by Little Miss Mayonnaise June 08, 2005

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