2 definitions by little birds

A male or female that is so androgynous that it is impossible to tell what sex they are.
Remember Pat from Saturday Night live?? Was that a him or her?? Oh, Pat-- has a Dubious Sexual Identity (DSI).
by little birds May 7, 2010
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A woman who is chubby or full-figured but not "Fat". A mini- bbw usually wears size appropriate clothing, without distinct fat rolls or too tight jeans. As a matter of fact, usually looks quite good in whatever she wears. Tends to have attractive cleavage and a cute face. A mini- bbw is usually not considered to be in the "fat" or obese category, usually weighs more than 175lbs but less than 200lbs.
Look at that girl, Yeah shes big, but not too big.Shes a mini-bbw.
by little birds May 7, 2010
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