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When a girl thinks your cute, but in a plutonic way. Derived from how every girl thinks pikachu is adorable but would never ever date him.
Bart: hey man i think michelle likes me!!

Phil: your 5'6, weigh 190 pounds, and still live with your mom. Thats just the pikachu effect man.
by lil' snoopy January 17, 2010

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noun- the belief that all of your life is basically one big television show. Most notably showcased in "the truman show" starring jim carrey, this is often described as acute paranoia. (other forms: episodist, episodistic)
Tater: im telling you, this is a tv show and im the comic relief!!
phil: so your part of that episodism scene huh?
by lil' snoopy January 21, 2010

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The amount of gigabytes in an electronic device.
What is the gigabytage on your IPad?
The gigabytage of my IPad is 64.
by Lil' Snoopy November 24, 2012

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Noun- in golf, when you screw up a drive, you get to take the shot over. This rule applies to life as so for mulliganologists.
Jose: mulligan.
Phil: yessir that is mulliganology.
by lil' snoopy January 21, 2010

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VERB. someone whos luck keeps falling bad side up. the ultimate form of bad luck.
robert: man, today I went to the store, tripped on a soda spill, fell in the way of a cart, got my head trampled, somebody youtubed it, My boss saw the video, found out I wasnt sick that day and fired my ass.

Phil: woah. ultracheated dude.

(robert gets hit by a bus)
by Lil' snoopy November 30, 2009

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Someone who may actually think they are a type of person like an emo, an anarchist, etc. but really dont act like one.
bobby: I'm so emo.

Phil: then whats the deal with the smiley face t-shirt and great attitude you stupid falser?
by Lil' snoopy November 30, 2009

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someone who looks down on you for not being up to their personal standards, be it age, race, or personal choices.
older guy: that kid over there was tryin to talk to me about politics, but i blew him off.
younger guy: wow what a lessener of you
by lil' snoopy November 29, 2009

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