7 definitions by lil b

A sarcastic use of the word, basically meaning 'haha, loser'
'my sister failed all of her exams.'
'shut up!'
by lil b April 16, 2005
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Shorter version of the word 'bollocks', used to mean lies or something that is a load of nonsense.
'He was talkin lox all day'
by lil b April 16, 2005
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Originating in Australia, it is a more offensive term for a pimple on one's face.
Hey, you should get them macanclans check out.
by lil b April 10, 2005
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A person with a lot of acne on the face. Used to relate to macanclan and replace out-dated insults such as Pizza-Face
Look at Seger! He's such a macanfarm!
by lil b April 12, 2005
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fernando is a big head boy
by lil b November 2, 2003
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A gurl who gets around a lot, sometimes even a man but in rarer cases. Basically, a synonym for slag.
'She is SUCH a bend.'
by lil b April 16, 2005
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