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A term in many competitive games for 1 on 1 competition. One of its more common uses is in card games where the value of hands can change due to the number of people playing. Heads-up offers favoriable odds for high cards like aces and kings, even with sub-par kickers.
I went heads-up with Tyler and beat him with a boat on the river.
by Lezard Valeth May 13, 2004

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adj. An improper shortening of the phrase "made me weak" to simply the word "weak." This adjective implies that something is funny or otherwise capable of weakening one involved with it.
Person 1: *tells a funny joke*
Person 2: That was weak, yo.

In a good and correct world, person two would say, "That made me weak, yo."

Well, in a correct world, he wouldn't say yo, but whatever.
by Lezard Valeth May 25, 2003

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Off by one or OBO is a common error in computer program whereby a loop executes one time too few or too many. It occurs most commonly with complex vector or matrix scans.
Programmer 1: This program doesn't work. Take a look and see if there's anything wrong.
Programmer 2: Oh, this for loop is OBO. You aren't scanning the whole array.
by Lezard Valeth May 23, 2003

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ADJ- Surpassing idiocy, beyond retarded, sub-moronic.

Origin: An AllSquare forumgoer named Kokayi who exemplified the adjective's definition in the utmost
Omniscient Sean: And, for some terrible reason, there will be a Japanese re-release of The Will called Xenosaga Episode I Reloaded.
Magus Doomglow: ...tell me you're kidding
Magus Doomglow: that's awful
Omniscient Sean: Yeah, I really wish I were.
Omniscient Sean: It's apparently a release of the US version in Japan.
Omniscient Sean: ...Because there's so much difference between the two.
Magus Doomglow: ....the censored version?
Magus Doomglow: How retarded....
Omniscient Sean: It's worse than retarded...
Omniscient Sean: It's Kokayic.
by Lezard Valeth November 11, 2003

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A variation on keine ups, playing on the similarity of sound between kinda and keine.

It is used when one is just about average or has achieved some trivial level of success. Also, it is used in pity on those who do indeed have keine ups, but might lose it if they were informed as such.
Person 1: "Oh God, if one more person tells me I have keine ups I'm going to shoot myself in the face."
Person 2: "Don't worry. You have kinda ups."
by Lezard Valeth September 02, 2003

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Derived from the German word "keine" meaning none, and the urban term "ups" meaning an ability to jump. In the combined form it means any failure or the state of being a failure.
Person 1: *does something stupid*
Person 2: "You got keine ups!"
by Lezard Valeth September 01, 2003

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Quickly. The phrase is similar to "Before you can (insert action here)"
"I'll be there in two shakes of a lamb's tail."
by Lezard Valeth September 01, 2003

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