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The greatest job in the universe. He makes a living by walking around in a black hooded cloak carrying a large sythe and killing people.
I'm going to kill my highschool counceler for telling me i should go into technology. i want to be the freaking grim reaper
by LA LA LA LA LA LA LA September 07, 2004
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the action that is taken so that goverment officials can sleep at night when they know that innocent and young civilians have died because the president is given permission to declaire war but realizes that no one wants to die for a war they don't believe in and said government officials don't want to loose loved ones themselves.
i am engaged to be married. i don't want to leave a widow because i died for a war which, when you get down to it, is all about oil rights anyway.
by LA LA LA LA LA LA LA August 13, 2004
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comfortable and warm coats that have many uses when you think about it. i was once stranded and was forced to use mine as a blanket. The pockets may be used for many things, i suggest you always have a book, a power bar, and a can of mountain dew. these coats were given bad names by the columbine killers, when in fact one of them had never previously worn one. almost always worn by every single kick ass character to ever be seen in any video game, movie, or anime.
Sephiroth, Dante, Alucard, The Crow, Neo, you get the picture
by LA LA LA LA LA LA LA August 14, 2004
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Any persons who have been or will be surrendered to by someone who is french.
*the french flag has been changed to pure white, and is saluted by waving it in the direction of germany"
by LA LA LA LA LA LA LA October 18, 2004
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The most dangerous, evil, cruel, bad tempered, and usually ugly fowl ever. Hitler was reencarnated as a turkey. They will one day rule the world and have their own independence day. It will ironically take place on Thanksgiving.

apparantly..... the turkeys are coming.
by LA LA LA LA LA LA LA October 18, 2004
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unlike the blood drinkers, these are creatures who drain people of emotions and energy, not blood. They can go out in sun, but generally avoid doing so if they can. Sometimes, one may be a psychic vampire and not know it. Traits include:
Always becoming energetic around crouds.
Tendency to depression
Needing constant reassurance
being tired durring the day
being energetic at night
"dude, i think you might be a psychic vampire"

"i dont" -drains friend of energy "woah... well. i never saw that coming"
by LA LA LA LA LA LA LA September 07, 2004
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the site to go to if you need to deal with some idiots, want to deal with them in a way that will force them to soil themselves, have no gear and are low on cash.
person A: "Dude, those guys trashed my yard last night and put mustard on my the window of my vehicular transportation module. we must pay them back"

Person B: "Sorry yo. i'm out of equipment. all rusted"

Person A: "It's okay, i went to Budk.com"

Person B:"...... it's on"
by LA LA LA LA LA LA LA August 13, 2004
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