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Synthetic opiate ; painkiller. Obtained by prescription. Prescribed for moderate to severe chronic pain. Sold by people who tell their doctor they need it, but rather have $5000 for a bottle of 100 pills. It makes you feel warm and fuzzy, like you're wrapped in the warmest blanket and safe. Yet when your off it, you get withdrawal and anxiety to the world, because you have been numb/high/ for so long. Most people say they see everything "clearer" when they become sober.

10, 20, 40, 80 mg's. The 160's were pulled from the market.

Not something people do (or should do) on the weekend for "fun" like maybe say, alcohol. More like something you "have" to do to have fun, because you're addicted and if you don't do it, you'll feel like shit.
"I love oxycontin but then I hate it?"
"yo..., got anything(oxycontin)?"
The old little lady across the street sold me oxycontin.
by L0VE December 03, 2005
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A fashion magazine.
"I order vogue magazine."
by L0VE December 03, 2005
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There are my different drugs. Most of which were made to be used for medical purposes. Some are obtained by prescription, over the counter, self-made, or illegally.
Drugs are used for;
Mind Alteration
Weight loss
Drugs for pain; Morphine/Heroin/Oxycontin/Cocaine(was first used to relieve tooth pain)/Weed(in some cases)/Motrine IB/Tylenol/ ETC.
Disorders: Xanax/Klozipin(?)/Prozac/Zoloft/ETC.
Bacteria/Flu: Etc./Flu vacine
Mind Alteration: LSD/Weed(in some cases)/E/ETC.
Weight loss: Ephedra(?)/Stacker/ETC.
by L0VE December 04, 2005
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A cosmetic brand that stands for makeup artist cosmetics. Found almost everywhere and has the best color pigments.
I love MAC Cosmetics!
by L0VE December 03, 2005
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The smallest size (to 00) for womens clothing. Typically you have a 22 to 24 inch waist to fit into this size. Some stores suck and don't carry it.
I wear a size 0 in jeans.
by L0VE January 21, 2006
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An opiate that blocks the high from drugs like heroin. You'll still feel something but you will not feel that same high and you will not need more.

Metadone does not give the user a high but rather a "glow". That same fuzzy feeling without the rush. Although, mixed with xanax methadone can be deadly (in high doses) and can cause a heroin like high. Which is one reason methadone has gotten a lot of negative publicity and has been deverted to the streets.

Many Drs. are opting to put pain patients on methadone to get out of pricey lawsuits from oxycontin.

Used in place of Rx drug addiction and heroin.

An addict can get methadone for free by going on BHL or welfare, by checking into a clinic. Most clinic have waiting list but will take on as many as a few 1000 patients at one time. It is all given to addicts more discretely through a medical doctor.

Has become very popular with chronic pain patients.

Negative side effects: 1/2 month withdrawal, sweating, and loss of libido.

Not a short term answer for addiction.
I was addicted for 3 years and got my life back through methadone.
by L0VE August 03, 2008
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term used to describe the residue (keyword) dripping down your throat after you snorted, say for instance, an oxy oxycontin. Best feeling ever, even though it can get nasty (ex. loads of it coming down all at once, can make you vomit or make weird faces). If you like the taste, drink water; if you don't, gatorade works great.
I enjoy oxy drips.
I'm enjoy the drip and the high equally the same.
I drink A LOT of water when I have my oxy drip.
If you don't get a drip, then it means you snorted a teva =).
by L0VE October 21, 2006
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