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A beautiful volleyball player that never shuts up. She makes weird noises and is sometimes loud. She has no difficulty finding friends with the name of Styliani Zoi Chip Kassalia.
Don't fuck with Chrysonoe!
by kjhgcytdchhb hcfu January 17, 2018

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CHRYSONOE is a beautiful sea creature that never shuts up and is a volleyball champion. She is good at cheating during exams and she doesn't find difficulties having friends. Her celebrity crush is Zac Efron. She likes apples and if you mess with her, she will rip your heart off.
Don't fuck with CHRYSONOE!
by kjhgcytdchhb hcfu January 17, 2018

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Khush is someone that is very beautiful inside and outside but won't admit it. She is very loyal and kind. She thinks about others first and tries to be social sometimes. She rather stay low than the center of attention. She likes to laugh A LOT and can't stop laughing from the moment you talk to her. People who really know her understand how useful and bright she is. Khush might seem innocent but she has connections, so make sure you don't make her hate you because she can destroy you. KHUSHY GANG FOR LIFE!!!!
OMG she's such a Khush.
She was so sweet, she's a Khush
by kjhgcytdchhb hcfu March 18, 2018

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Steleeza will murder you when you talk to her about her real name. She loves puppies and memes and she always sits in the weirdest positions. She loves souvlaki and she can be a very violent person sometimes. She can't stop talking to people and be making jokes about random things. Steleeza is not friendly so don't mess with her her bad side She believes in herself more than the LA teacher and won't take no for an answer, but she will say no if u wanna get a chip from her. Steleeza is very funny so people that know her would say that she's sweet, loyal and bold, sometimes scratches like a tiger.
She can be a real Steleeza sometimes.
Don't mess with Steleeza, you'll regret it.
by kjhgcytdchhb hcfu January 27, 2018

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