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A typical non working piece of lazy crap person too lazy to work who lives off public assistance & the tax payers. People who receive Welfare checks & Food Stamps. Many people in Louisiana.
If all the Welfare Parasites in the U.S. worked, I would definitely have Social Security to look forward to when i retire.
by KIMBERLY SHIPLEY April 24, 2008

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A lazy ass temp your company hires to help with work. A lazy ass temp who takes excessive breaks.
When asked by the supervisor where all the additional help was, i told him the Rent a Bums were still on break.
by KIMBERLY SHIPLEY April 24, 2008

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Someone who thinks their member is quite large.
Bubba liked to rub his Brockstick up against her backside.
by KIMBERLY SHIPLEY April 24, 2008

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Someone who has morning breff all day. Someone when talking to them leaves you wondering what dead animal they just had for lunch.
A Dentist smells stankbreff all day long while cleaning teeth.
by KIMBERLY SHIPLEY April 23, 2008

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A trashy community in the middle of nowhere. A welfare village in Louisiana.
When coming upon Ghettoville, I always speed in case i break down, as to coast on past it.
by KIMBERLY SHIPLEY April 24, 2008

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What you get at the hospital......or at home.......A license plate to let everyone know your a medical person or something along that line. Someone who drives a Katmobile.
Ever have a Katskan?
by KIMBERLY SHIPLEY April 26, 2008

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A place that use to be called Tastee Freeze, but being Ghetto, we changed it to Nastee Melt. An ice cream shop on U.S. Route 50 near Hillsburr. A place where you go get shrooms & a swill cone.
Jennifer likes to buss up to the Nastee Melt to buy shrooms & gits me a swill cone.
by KIMBERLY SHIPLEY April 25, 2008

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