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Abbreviation for Not Black Enough. This describes any black person who fails to display the characterics which are typicallly associated with the stereotypical definition of blacks. These rare species speak very proper English, have advanced vocabularies, and are not fluent in Ebonics. Slang terms are only used as a joke. They typically take many AP classes and pass the exams. Making their high school dance team is almost impossible for NBE's as they often lack the skills that the typical balck person has on the dance floor. NBE's refuse to wear such brands as Baby Phat, South Pole, and Sean Jean, preffering quirkier and more interesting brands. To these people, tennis is an actual sport and conformity is a sin.

Not to be confused with "oreos", NBE's do not necessarily "act white", they simply display class and reject "ghettoness". Wearing such brands as Hollister, American Eagle, and Abercrombie are not necessary in order for one to be an NBE. NBE's generally surround themselves with other NBE's as they are often misunderstood by others.

Although they are often described as "stuck up", they spend only a minute amount of time putting others down. NBE's do not go around flaunting their NBE-ness. They dont have a secret handshake, stage "meetings", or have a mating call.

NBE's are intelligent, loveable, and quirky. Only "haters" disapprove of them..
Karyll, Brie and Satara are the original NBE's. Look at them with their F21 outfits and quirky personalities! I wish I could break away from the constraints of social stereotypes like they did! I wanna be made into an NBE!
by keggleondeck! July 31, 2009

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