3 definitions by kaysie

A word most used by chavs

when a crime is succesfully carried out and a new paket of nappies or a signet ring is in the sticky hands of a chav it is a job wel done known to be sorted
Yeah, Mate thats sorted that is.
by kaysie June 3, 2005
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describes a mixture of metals more presious to chavs than gold.many chavs are known to dream about having new wheels for their novas made from this combination of presious metal
e'ar mate I need some new fuckin' alloys for my "new" red nova.
by kaysie June 3, 2005
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THICC steve is tho most thiccest, most beautiful creature on this planet. Even tho he shaped like a cube, doesn’t mean he don’t got those dummy THICC thighs 😩
“ayo did u see THICC steve from minecraft?”
“yeah. he was looking mega THICC
by kaysie February 20, 2020
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