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An AWESOME anime about two brothers who have seemed to lost everything but still hold on. They are named Edward Elric, The stubborn, short but older child, and Alphonse Elric,who's soul is kept inside a suit of armour. His body was sacrificed for the attempt of bringing his(and ed's, duh) mother back.
Unfortunatly, there transmutation was a failure, and the price was far to great.
The brothers are now on a search for the legendary 'Philosipher's Stone' which is said to allow you to preform alchemy without the law of equivilant exchange. With this stone, the Elric brothers want to right their wrongs and gain their full bodies back.
The anime series contains 51 episodes.
"Do you watch Fullmetal Alchemist?"
"Hell yeah!! Who the hell doesn't!?"
by kagami yuki July 05, 2005

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