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Actress who will most likely be remembered for her role on 'Friends' as Rachel. She is one of the most physically overrated individuals in Hollywood as she is not nearly as beautiful as people make her out to be. Also an overrated actress.
TV Viewer #1: Dude did you see Jennifer Aniston on TV? I wanna hit that.

TV Viewer #2: Fool! Get off the band wagon shes astoundingly overrated. Wouldn't you much rather enjoy a nice piece of Courtney Cox instead?
by k black February 01, 2005

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One of (if not) the greatest, actors the world has ever known. With the unbelieveable shapeshifting abilities, he is able to completely embody any role and bring it to life. Also, a rather attractive man and a hero in the betterment of the name Kevin.

See a God
Why do you have to be so unbelieveable? Well, you're just a little Kevin Spacey arent you?
by k Black May 20, 2004

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