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A) A phrase that seems to simply state the obvious but actually implies helplessness.

B) A phrase that seems to simply state the obvious but actually means "it will be what it is," as in "it ain't gonna change, so deal with it or don't." See also tough shit, oh well, cry me a river and tfb.
Meaning A
J: I can't believe the price of gas!

B: It is what it is.

Meaning B
J: It troubles me that you continue to put cyanide in my Yoohoo even after I've asked you to stop.

B: It is what it is.
by JohnnyAZ May 20, 2006

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An exceptionally vigorous butt-pounding between men in the dorsal-ventral position, generally noteworthy for its combination of depth, force and velocity, such that the poundee is transported to an otherworldly, orally-fixated state of extreme "hurt-so-good" pleasure as to unconsciously bite down on a pillow, duvet, forearm, Jack Russel terrier, or anything else that happens to come with close proximity of his mouth.
Josie: Did you see Tom last night?

Johnny: Until the lights went out, then I saw stars.

Josie: Total pillow-biter, huh?

Johnny: Been spitting out feathers all day.

Josie: The Tomster sure likes to pound ass.

Johnny: One of his many charms.

Josie: Many?

Johnny: Hey now...
by JohnnyAZ May 09, 2006

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a kinder, gentler expression for "breaking up," but even more useful because it can be applied to any relationship, from a 20-year marriage to five-month lover, a three-week fling, or that person you've been stalking for the past nine days.
E: You look happy.
J: I just had it out with Julio. I'm so moving on.
E: But Julio's a great guy. Maybe you should rethink that.
J: And maybe you should tongue my poop chute.
by JohnnyAZ June 03, 2006

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To heat up a relationship at an unnaturally speedy rate. Unfortunately, the resulting relationship often is more like a Hungry Man TV dinner than a slow-cooked paella. Again, credit to TT for this clever characterization.
A: So what's new with T and E?
K: Splitsville.
A: No way!
K: Way.
A: Well, they totally microwaved it.
K: Yeah. You'd think they were like lesbians or something.
A: Nope -- just two lonely men wanting something real.
K: Oh fucking well.
A: Too fucking bad.

by JohnnyAZ May 29, 2006

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Of or relating to lesbian behavior or acts.
Jane: I was hanging out with Michelle the other night watching March of the Penguins and doing shots of Cuervo, and suddenly she kicked off her Teva sandals and got all Sappho on me.

Josie: No way! Was she wearing her Raiders sweatshirt?

Jane: She was!

Josie: Beware the Raiders-Cuervo Sappho effect!

Jane: No, it was totally hot! Kiss me!
by JohnnyAZ May 09, 2006

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One of several potentially awkward sounds created by the body's interaction with air, this one the result of suction from when the lumbar curve of the back is pressed flat against a smooth surface and then lifted, making a loud fart-like sound. Back farts most often occur when having sex on linoleum or when shifting about in a tanning bed.
J: T and I were doing the grown-up in stealth mode on that big mahogany table in the conference room last night, and I pulled this massive back fart.

A: I hate when that happens. Were you embarrassed?

J: Yeah, but only because the janitor heard it and opened the door.

A: Zut! what did you do?

J: I told him to drop trou -- daisy chain!
by JohnnyAZ May 13, 2006

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Used in reference to a fraternity boy who secretly enjoys man-on-man action.

Kappa Alpha Shhs are hard to spot because a) in person they display classic frat boy good looks and classic, drunken frat boy behavior, and b) online, they either have no pics or a pic of them snapped at a party, beer in one hand, the other making a feeling fist, with their face cut out mask their identity.
J: Dude, these totally hot guys just moved in next door.
T: Kappa Alpha Shh?
J: Damn, I hope so!


T: What's with the smile?
J: Just got some awesome head in the library basement bathroom.
T: Kappa Alpha Shh?
J: Yeah, poor guy. But man can he slob!
by JohnnyAZ May 12, 2006

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