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I'll basically sum up the regions/states:

Northeast; Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. Famous for NYC and Jersey shores. Known for high education and lots of money but has some ghettos like Camden, West Philly, Harlem and more. Despite popular believe it is not freezing here. It can get as hot as 90 - 100 degrees in the summer. The spring is usually warm and rainy. The fall is nice. And Winter is cold but no one cares cause snow means no school and fun. We don't think we have accents but we do. New York (Brooklyn, Staten Island accents), Boston, Philly, Jersey all have accents. Jersey people say Jurzee not Joisey. We talk pretty fast and everyone's in a rush. Parties are crazy up here. We are diverse, whites, blacks, hispanics, asians all live together. Sports are big, especially baseball, soccer, lax, football, and cheerleading.

Midwest; Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Minnesota, Iowa, Indiana, Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas, North and South Dakota. Known for Chicago and Detroit. They have a slight accent. Midwest may not have beaches but it is still an intresting part of the country.

West; Montana, Idaho, Nevada, Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah. Known for Las Vegas, Denver and Salt Lake City. Las Vegas is paradise. It might not have beaches but with pools so great you really don't need them. This part of the country has a lower population but has rolling land and beautiful scenery.

West Coast; California, Oregon, Washington.
Known for Los Angeles, Portland, and Seattle. This coast is amazing diverse with beaches, mountains, rolling land, and deserts. The weather is pretty amazing. Seattle is known for technology. People are generally healthy and happy out there. Some ghettos though are Compton, and East L.A. A problem is illegal immigration but honestly is adds to the local culture and boosts the economy.

Southwest; Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. Houston is a huge city in the southwest. Known for hot sauce and cowboys this region has a lot to offer. It's not all desert as some people think and it barley rains.

Southeast; Virginia, Tennessee, Louisiana, North and South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia and Florida. Big cities are Charleston, Montgomery, Atlanta, and Miami. Florida offers beautiful beaches and great weather. Accents are pretty noticable. However a accent from South Carolina and Georgia are different from each other. People talk slow and take life easy. Football is huge down there. Religon is also very popular. The South should not be written off as dumb and redneck because they have large cities as well and stereotypes aren't true.

Debatable states; Hawaii, Alaska, West Virginia, Maryland, Kentucky. People say Maryland is south because they succeded from the union. That makes no sense what so ever because California fought with the North but you wouldn't call California a northeastern state. Hawaii and Alaska aren't boredering any states so they kinda fit into their own categroy. Kentucky could be mid-west or southern and West Virgnia could be North or South more likely central though.

Each state is diverse and offers something. We all are strong and united as one.
NYC, Boston, Atlanta, Montgomery, Houston, New Orleans, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, Detroit, which ether city you go is great and unique. UNITED STATES = AMAZING.
by Jersey Kid November 28, 2007

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