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A town in Southeast Mississippi known for its hospitality, beautiful sunsets, and foul smelling poot-air. If you're lucky enough to pass through during low tide, you can treat your nostrils to a sweet stench most often compared to a wet bologna sandwich covered with mustard, sulfur, and burnt hair. Or perhaps you can drive into town on a crisp and foggy Saturday morning to the ever-pleasing smell of the local Pogie Plant polluting the air with all of its goodness; in the process of breaking down bait fish into oils used in cosmetics and other goods we use on our skin, this factory repays the citizens of the city by emitting an odor like that of a bucket of rotten fish innards and chewed-up carrots. For the few lucky enough to venture into the industrial part of town, you'll be treated to a fragrant aroma resembling the rear-end of an obese woman battling a case of diahhrea after having run a marathon without showering. The town is truly a potpouri of olfactory offense. So feel free to visit to shop, dine, or just take your sweaty sockless feet out of your old leather shoes and fart (nobody will notice anyway). Just be sure to treat yourself to a burger from Edd's and a Bushwacker from the Jazz Club before making your way back from whence you came.
"Hey, look kids, we're entering the town of Pascagoula....wait...ok, which one of you little jerks farted?!!"
by jbulldog August 22, 2012
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