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non-conformists do whatever they want, because they can, and they don't care. they like what's in style, what's out of style, and what will never be in style, all because they don't really care about what anyone else thinks. often confused with wannabe non-conformists, who refuse to like anything in style and are conforming to a different set of rules, as opposed to a real non-conformist who doesn't really notice that he or she is not conforming.
everyone thinks non-conformists are just conforming to being a non-conformist.
but we don't care... because that's just your conformed thinking speaking.
wannabe non-conformist: you think you're a non-conformist? you're so emo for wearing black nail polish. so you're not a non-conformist because you think you're emo. ew.

non-conformist: i like wearing black nail polish, but i also dance around in my underwear singing toxic by britney spears. half of my clothes are "emo", but the other half are hot pink. i do whatever i want and i don't care.

wannabe non-conformist: uhmm you're such a poser and a wannabe.

non-conformist: no, it's your conformed thinking that has drawn that conclusion.

wannabe non-conformist: i was jay kay i actually like all that stuff too.

* * *

usually, i don't shop at hollister, but if i see a shirt that i like i'll buy it, because being a non-conformist doesn't mean you aren't allowed to shop at typically preppy stores.
by jayyy ( : August 18, 2008
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people who, however annoying they sometimes may be, attempt to protect their children from becoming assholes like you.
my parents didn't let me party when i was younger, and look at me now! i'm not a cokehead and i have a real job. thanks, mom and dad, you actually don't suck.
by jayyy ( : August 18, 2008
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