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Nut is slang for semen. Can also be known as cum.

Also, if you don’t know what semen is, it’s the white, sticky, kinda runny liquid that comes out of a male’s dick after stimulation, such as masturbation, vaginal sex, anal sex, oral, and perhaps many more ways.
It felt so fucking good when Ethan’s monster cock squirted out his nut out onto my pink, swollen throbbing pussy.
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by jawanna blowme? February 28, 2020

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RBF=Resting Bitch Face. That means to always look either serious, mean, rude or bored when you’re face is neutral, or resting. But this doesn’t mean that people with RBF’s are actually mean, it’s just how their face was made :-D.
Alexandra always has a RBF on display, causing people to shy away from her.
by jawanna blowme? January 18, 2020

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69 is a sex position in which both partners are laying down on the bed, yet their heads are positioned so they can suck one another off simultaneously. This makes it looks like a number 69.
Me and Jacob had some good 69 yesterday.
by jawanna blowme? January 14, 2020

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