3 definitions by jEz Smith

(noun) Someone who is afraid of any contact with the opposite sex, such as physical, verbal and eye contact.
That girl wont even hold his hand, she is such a bobble!
by jEz Smith April 08, 2006
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Dick Before Mates. The crime of putting the girlfriend before mates just because you want to get your end in.
1. What kinda friend DBMs all the time. You're too bitch to get laid anyhow!

2. I'm charging you for multiple counts of DBM over a three month period.

3. Shane : I always DBM, cost I'm as gullible as a seagull.
by jEz Smith June 24, 2006
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A male who truely respects 'The Importance Hierarchy' - Family, mates, chicks, in no other order.
1. Yeah Tommy is a real zappa, he's free to hang out after visiting his nan 'coz he tied up his mind-controlling and manipulating bitch of a girlfriend in the basement.

2. I'm charging my friends for multiple counts of DMB over a three month period. Am I the only zappa around here?
by jEz Smith June 24, 2006
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